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Winning consistent on pick 3 lottery is not easy, without a strategy its impossible. If you are using some methods, you need to know why it did not work this time or when is the best time to use it. Pick 3 lottery game is design to be completely random, so using some formulas alone to generate combinations is not really a best way to play the game. But what good thing about random numbers is it can generate TRENDS. The easy way to spot this trends is by CHART, most of the players don’t like chart because it is time consuming and no fun at all. Don't worry! Lotto Upgrade does the hard work for you. All you have to do is input some previous results and the graph will be generated for you to analyze, track and predict its next move. This makes charting more interesting and convenient.

What make our system unique?
  1. Real time charting
  2. Result data behaviors are converted into graph for ease of analysis. Graph are generated for Sum, Root, Base, Maximum, Middle, Minimum, Digit Position, Even & Odd and High & Low.

  3. Filtered combinations
  4. Generated combinations are not just random, using filters you can control what to generate and what to eliminate from the combinations. Combined filters can narrow down number of combinations so you can play with less budgets.

  5. Works on any pick 3
  6. The system works on any pick 3 lotteries, no matter what country or state.
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